Keylate Solutions LLC operates in and covers the territory of South Texas.



Fruit Growers Supply:

Status: License pending

Territory: Pacific coast

Private Label: SaniSol – EPA Registration Pending

Company description: CREATED AND CHANGING TO MEET GROWERS’ NEEDS Organized in 1907, Fruit Growers Supply Company (FGS) has grown along with the West’s citrus production. Today, the nonprofit cooperative association is open to the public and provides the agricultural items required to grow, harvest, package, and ship various commodities of produce. With six retail Operations Centers providing over-the-counter sales, specialized ordering, and custom-design Irrigation Departments, FGS continues to offer quality services and goods at highly competitive prices.



Aqualutions LLC:

Status: License Active

Territory: Pacific Coast

Private Label: AQ 4000

Company description: Our product REACTIVATE® is the Solution for Complex Waste streams:Coagulation, Flocculation, Filtration & Encapsulation. Aqualutions provides a wide variety of industries with answers to common questions and concerns about wastewater and solid waste generation.



Jenfitch LLC:

Status: License Inactive

Territory: California

Private Label: JC9450/JC9455 – NSF Certified

Company description: Jenfitch, LLC is a manufacturing and marketing firm for chemicals used in finding solutions in the 21st Century for water and wastewater treatment systems. With over 30 or more years in the industry, we offer over 100 different types of coagulants and flocculants to meet the new regulatory requirements. We specialize in developing treatment programs that can:

Prevent or Remove Struvite scale
Prevent or Remove Vivianite scale
Lower Dissolved Copper to less than 1 ppb
Lower Dissolved Zinc to less than 25 ppb
Provide an environmental safe polymer solvent
Provide a cost effective method to treat wastewater contaminated with crude oil

TC4 Solutions:

Status: License Inactive

Company Description: TC4 Solutions, Inc. is a chemical manufacturing and marketing company with a variety of chemicals that are used in finding solutions for water and wastewater treatment systems. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, TC4 Solutions, Inc. specializes in developing treatment programs that will meet the new regulatory requirements. These specialized treatment solutions:

Potable Water Systems
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Power Generation
Oil & Gas Production
Food Processing
Remediation & Recycled Water Systems