SaniSol replaces formaldehyde in produce processing facilities
AQ3000 improves cyanide oxidation in industrial waste water
JC9450 eliminates filamentous bulking in waste water treatment
TC9450 eliminates algae and biofilm in clarifier
JC9450 is NSF certified

ORP is the Solution

Keylate Solution’s products offer:

  • Improved bacteria control
  • Algae elimination
  • Biofilm elimination
  • Reduce THM & DBP
  • Supplements and reduces ozone demand
  • Reduce Bromate
  • Improves Taste & Odor
  • Improve flocculation performance
  • Improves control of filamentous bacteria
  • Improves oxidation of cyanide
  • Replace formaldehyde for mold control
  • Reduce TOC/NOM